Saturday, 27 February 2016

Tonya & Brennan | August 2010 | Parkland Greenhouse | Yorkton, SK

Décor & Design by: Circle the Date
Venue: Parkland Greenhouse, Yorkton SK


I know when you say wedding planner, most people think, a) too expensive, b) our wedding isn't elaborate c) I can do it on my own. Our wedding was simple, as inexpensive as possible and we couldn't have done it without Circle the Date. 

It was such a relief being able to discuss what we wanted and then have them make it happen. Everything from finding the right colour of decorations and linens to making the invitations and dealing with our caterer, they did it all. The days leading up to the wedding and the day of, was when it was crystal clear how essential a wedding planner is. 

Everything was decorated to perfection without any worrying on our part.  Circle the Date headed off problems, made sure everyone knew where they had to be, and was there on time. Our wedding day was everything we had envisioned with their help.  No detail was overlooked. Having a wedding planner eliminates any stress put on the bride, groom and their families.  You should be able to enjoy your day, your moment, without having to delegate, plan and/or worry. 

Circle the Date made that possible for us.


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