Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Troyanda Malanka | January 2016 | Gallagher Center | Yorkton SK

Décor & Design: Circle the Date

Decorating a venue for 800 people is no easy task, but when my Ukrainian Dance group decided to host Malanka (Ukrainian New Years) I was up for the challenge! The evening was full of traditional Ukrainian food, traditional dance and the telling of the story of the spirit of 'Malanka'. I love keeping old traditions alive and am very thankful that we have such a strong and dedicated Ukrainian community here in my hometown. This night would not have been possible without the help of countless volunteers!

To learn more about the tradition of Malanka check out this link: Malanka - Ukrainian New Years

Corporate Christmas Party | December 2014 | Gallagher Center | Yorkton SK

Décor & Design: Circle the Date


I just want to say THANK YOU to Circle the Date for everything that they did for our Christmas party. I appreciate all of Brittany's efforts in making our event so professional and elegant. I had numerous comments about the decorations, and I was taken aback and delighted when I walked into the hall! It was definitely worth it to hire Circle the Date – it really made the evening go smoothly, and not having to worry about the cleanup made my night! 

Family Christmas Gathering | December 2016 | Yorkton SK

Venue: Private Party
Décor & Design by: Circle the Date

It was a pleasure to help make a Christmas family gathering extra special when I decorated this table for a good friend. It was everything she ever wanted! Really puts you in the Christmas spirit doesn't it?!